Tuesday 7 March 2023

real estate next 5 years

What is a Real Estate Business? A real estate business helps people buy, sell, or lease properties. Best Ideas for Real Estate Businesses. At list 5 great real estate business ideas to get you started. 1) Real Estate Agent 2) Real Estate Brokerage 3) Real Estate Marketer 4) Real Estate Investor 5) Real Estate Developers. India’s economy has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue to do so in 2023. Real estate experts estimate that the growing base of aspirational consumers and their lifestyle changes will drive demand for premium properties in the coming year.

By 2040, real estate market will grow to Rs. 65,000 crore (US$ 9.30 billion) from Rs. 12,000 crore (US$ 1.72 billion) in 2019. Real estate sector in India is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion in market size by 2030, up from US$ 200 billion in 2021 and contribute 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025. Retail, hospitality, and commercial real estate are also growing significantly, providing the much-needed infrastructure for India's growing needs.

Get My Ghar is one of the fastest-growing real estate marketing companies in Kolkata because we provide our customers with all their needs and wants at prices that they can afford. We specialize in the best homes at affordable prices (DTC Capital City).We provide our clients with all the options and services that they need. We have dream designs for villas, apartments, and flats. We have homes from 1bhk – 6bhk layout. Our team of professionals is one of the best in the industry and their skills range from property management to marketing and customer relations.

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Thursday 1 March 2018

Gold plated Chur

Traditional gold bracelets in Bengal are called ‘Chur’ and have elegant designs carved on them. These are made of copper and very popular as Bridal Jewellery.
Unique handcrafted design.Its classy shine and flawless finish enhances its majestic charm and makes it more adorable.People will stop you when you wear this skin-friendly gold plated Chur! 

Gold plated bangle

If you are presently looking for a pair of traditional bangles that can be teamed with your heavily designed sarees, you must check out these gold plated skin-friendly bangles that come in a spectacular design.Your search for it ends here.The good quality gold plated bangle has good quality gold polish which is good for long lasting use.It's made with brass and copper and have a golden plating. Wear it on a special occasion and make you the centre of attraction.

Price : 800.00

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy J2-2017 (Metallic gold, 8 GB) (1 GB RAM)

Price : 6999.00

Gold plated jewellery

This beautiful gold-plated Copper Necklace with Earring Set is made with the finest degine and will be an excellent addition to your jewellery collection.Layered looks are the hottest new trend with fashion jewelry and we're confident that this style is here to stay! So, grab it today and wear it on a special occasion to look like a pretty princess.

Price : 1200.00

Fulia tant

Fulia Tant is an Exclusive hand-woven saree . Products: Cotton Saree.Price : 500

Fulia tant

Fulia Tant is an Exclusive hand-woven saree . Products: Cotton Saree.

Price : 500